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Katrin Rustici
Real Estate Agent


I grew up near Hannover in Germany, but escaped the cold and moved to Italy after high school to attend university and 

learn how to be Italian.

Besides earning a Masters Degree in International Communications, I got pretty damn good in talking with my hands, wearing high heels, opening wine bottles and cooking Pasta.

Degree in the pocket, I settled in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, where I had children and started my business as a Realtor. But after more than 2 decades abroad, the Heimat called and I replaced the majestic waters of the Pacific with the sweet waves of Lake Wannsee.

I feel extremely lucky to do what I love as a profession - Real Estate is always changing, always challenging and

always inspiring.

It allows me to see beautiful houses and meet wonderful people - who allow me to have a peek into their lives and help

them navigate through one of the most important transitions: Changing Habitat.

Before becoming a ReaL Estate Agent, I worked as a translator, restaurant manager, fashion model, interior decorator and

domestic engineer.

Modern and Mid-Century Architecture, Design and Art are  my passion.

I love cooking Italian meals for friends and family, knitting soft Baby Alpaca wool sweaters (Continental style), re-designing

and fixing my house, listening to Jazz or classical music while watching the sun set over the Strandbad.

No Scandinavian mystery novel is too thick, no ice-cream cone too large and no STAR TREK Marathon too long, in my opinion.


Are we a good fit?

I am so much looking forward to meeting you!








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