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Kind stuff clients say about me...

Amanda F.

Alex W.

"Katrin surpassed our expectations in a realtor. She was always there for us to answer any questions big or small, review our love letter, promptly get disclosure packets, and give her honest feedback on each house we saw. We thought it would take years to find a house as we were in no rush, but we found our home in just 6 months! We never felt pressured, and always felt supported. I've already given her name to several friends! Couldn't recommend her enough. :)"

"The prospect of putting my home on the market was daunting, but Katrin's expertise and genuine warmth put me at ease. She managed everything--the inspections, paperwork, process, and sale--efficiently and properly (no bluster, false promises, flattery, or cut corners). Katrin always had time for my questions--and never having sold a house in this country, I had plenty. There were some special issues to do with my house that Katrin researched and helped me address with her network, and in addition, because I was selling my house while going through a divorce, there were considerations related to this as well. Katrin worked with me and with my ex-husband with such grace. Dedicated to her clients, well experienced, market-savvy, and a consummate professional, Katrin was a godsend. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Susan G.

"We met Katrin at an opening she was showing in Berkeley and although we were not looking seriously at the time, I kept her card. When we realized we wanted to get serious to find a house, we called Katrin and she was so helpful and engaging in the whole process. She was passionate, I have to say, about helping us find something that fit our criteria with respect to budget and location, among other things. Katrin was really savvy about the market (seller's market) and how to craft a winning bid. Then when we found our home to purchase we were ready to sell our first home. Katrin was absolutely amazing in helping us make decisions about staging and such. We got a much higher price than we ever had imagined and attribute that to Katrin's know-how in identifying what's important to potential buyers and highlighting the best points about our house-for-sale. We highly recommend Katrin for both buying and selling! If we need to move again we will definitely use her again!"

Lorenzo F.

"We met Katrin through our mortgage brokers at RPM Mortgage. She made a great initial impression and surpassed expectations. The more we navigated the insane Bay Area real-estate market the more we understood we had a rock star representing us.
While we've only been through the house hunting experience once, I sense that Katrin can accommodate a wide range of clients; from those looking to make money to those whom want a "forever home." During our first meeting Katrin quickly identified my partner and I were looking for a home that we could experience a deep personal connection with. She began learning about us and providing feedback to ensure we could find something special and within our budget. She personalized the experience every step of the way.
Katrin met all the qualities one would want in an agent; she was knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, and patient. We always felt she had our best interests in mind and we were happy to have her advocating on our behalf.
It's strange to describe Katrin in such a transactional context because, ultimately, she became our friend. Katrin is a wonderful person and a pleasure to interact with. We look forward to sharing our happiness with her as we settle into our house and expand our family."

Mauricio L.

"I came across Katrin after she was recommended by a friend who has worked with her before. Katrin surpassed all my expectations from a realtor. She listened to and was understanding and responsive to my needs as a home buyer. She was thorough in all the information that she gave me and was clear and helpful throughout the process. She was extremely responsive to all my questions at all times. I could tell that she wanted me to be happy with the outcome, so she was not pushy during the search process and went out of the way to make sure that she knew what exactly I was getting. Her knowledge of the market was evident in her suggestions and assessments. 
During the bidding phase she was extremely detail oriented to make sure my offer was strong. She then showed truly stellar negotiation skills to ensure that my offer was accepted. She then continued to have extremely attentive costumer service as I worked with the seller, loan company, and escrow. She was always friendly and helpful. 
Katrin went above and beyond to put me first. I have talked about my home purchasing experience to multiple other people- all of them have said that her service was unlike anything they have ever heard of from a realtor. The bay area housing market is competitive, but Katrin made the process straightforward and simple. She is also a joy to work with - friendly, open, and warm. I will definitely use her again if I need a realtor."

Sonya R.

"As good as it gets is right! Katrin was recommended to us by an acquaintance and from the first sit down meeting we had we knew we were in great hands. Katrin listened carefully and helped us hone in on what and where to focus our search. As first time buyers she patiently walked us through every step of the process and made sure we were informed and comfortable with offers, contingencies etc. She was responsive, answered calls and texts promptly. She has a great eye and helped us envision how we might utilize space in the properties we looked at. Once we were in contract Katrin continued to work tirelessly to coordinate inspections, all kinds of estimates (even down to window treatments!) and kept things moving with our mortgage company. She has a roster of reputable and skilled vendors at her fingertips which makes for a much more streamlined process when it comes to repairs and such. She does all this while maintaining a positive, witty and soothing demeanor. Which when you are in the thick of a competitive sellers market is essential to keep your spirits up. We feel so lucky to have walked this home buying path with Katrin and joke with her that much like the Dr who delivered our babies, she'll always remain an important person to our family. Truly cannot recommend her highly enough. Viva Katrin!"

Pamela L.

"I met Katrin at an open house.  Her personality was so warm and welcoming.  My relocation journey was a very long one, yet Katrin remained in periodic  contact until I was ready.  Once ready, she listened to what I wanted and the area I wanted to buy in.  She was instrumental in making it happen for me!  Katrin proved to be very  knowledgeable, dependable, transparent and responsive.  Her communication was clear, concise and timely.  She was very patient as we got through this process. We definitely built a great rapport.  Katrin was a pleasure and I would absolutely refer her."

Wolfgang B.

"We had a great experience buying our home with Katrin. I wish we could buy more homes with her! 
She is very experienced, detail oriented, on top of things, communicates timely and she has a warm and charming personality and people skills to boot.
We followed her recommendations for location, RPM Mortgage (with Monica di Perna and Stew Sweet) and Place Title Company and we are very happy what we bought and where we bought and how we bought it.
I could see firsthand why an experienced local team of agent, mortgage broker and title company can make a big difference and save you lots of headaches and time.
Katrin is GREAT, what else can i say!"

Laura M.

"We were introduced to Katrin through our friend Monica at RPM Mortgage. She truly went above and beyond with my husband and I and was always patient and understanding even when I was a nervous wreck!  Katrin is also extremely ethical - which is a rare quality in the world of Bay Area real estate.  There were quite a few moments when I sooo appreciated her honesty and her style of letting us know exactly what was going on in a kind way, but at the same time not sugar coating the issue!
Katrin also has excellent negotiating skills and works really hard for you.  She knows how to take care of clients and will be right there with you through the whole exciting and nerve wracking process.  And there are few people I have run across in any business who really pay attention to not just the big picture, but also the details at Katrin's level. I have already recommended her to a few people who asked about our realtor and will continue to do so. She is an amazing realtor and were so happy to have her represent us!
I really wish we could give her more stars!  Katrin Rustici is a genuine star in the world of East Bay realtors!"

Emily F.

"Katrin is truly one of the best! We've worked with previous realtors and they do not even come close in comparison! She treats you like a true friend, and not a just another number or sale. She was extremely patient and took the time to help us find our perfect home. She was able to pick up on our style quickly and help weed out the right contenders. She always took the time to answer all of our questions with extreme detail, and was truly an expert within the East Bay. In this competitive market, it take us a few offers before we found our home, but Katrin stuck through it all with us and never gave up. We are so thankful to her and are now happily living in our beautiful craftsman home in Glenview. We couldn't be happier!"

Jake T.

"Katrin was such an amazing and helpful agent to work with. We would still be renters if we had not met her. She helped us write a few offers, very competitive, on east bay homes, within striking distance almost every time. But most amazingly, she found us a home that just got on the market, without even a sign in front, and we were able to have our offer accepted within 48 hours... No competition, no crazy over offering. I never thought I would end up in a normal sized home, but we did because of her mastery of the east bay market. She was always so patient with us, acted as a therapist, guide and realtor... 5 stars!"

Yan H.

"We bought our dream house through Katrin a year ago. We were purely lucky to find her during one of her open houses, and my inlaws were very happy to meet some agent can speak German with them. Later on we decided to have her as our buying agent. 
She is very patient, and never pushed us during the whole house hunting progress, which lasted for more than half year in our case. She listened to our needs, and gave her honest opinions. She did not sugar coat any houses, to push us make an offer.  When we were interested in some houses, she always did a lot of research on them, and provided a lot of extra information that was on in the disclosure package. A lot of agents in bay area tried to tell you your offer wont be accepted if it is with any contingency, however Katrin always persuaded us to keep the loan and inspection contingency. As you saw, we got our dream house.  She is good with handling negotiations, and she tried really hard to protect her customers, not only want to close the deal. 
That's why we recommend her to several of our colleagues too."

Cara D.

"A few months ago I began my journey to purchase my new home and now I can say that I am a homeowner and have found my "happy place" for years to come. If it were not for Katrin, I don't think it would be possible. Katrin goes above and beyond what is expected from a real estate agent and comes complete with passion, a heart of gold, an eye for design, practicality, knowledge of the neighborhoods, law, business and the capability of answering any question that I had. She made the journey so easy and fun and even though it has been a few months since my purchase, she is still there for me. I recommend her highly!!!!! Katrin is the real deal and a treasure!"

Colm H.

"My girlfriend and I just purchased our first home in Oakland following a 1-2 year search that spanned the length and breadth of the Bay Area. After almost loosing faith in the whole process and the intentions of most realtors, we encountered two wonderful realtors. One based in the North Bay who we met first that also worked with Coldwell. She eventually introduced us to Katrin as our search changed to the East Bay. Katrin's determination as a real estate agent and as a trustworthy complicit in one of the biggest purchases I've ever made (apart from that week in Vegas in '10) was clear from the offset. She lined up properties which strictly kept to our criteria. She displayed intuitiveness in terms of the type of property we wanted and a real understanding of the property market in the Bay Area. When the house was picked she was on top of every detail of the bidding/escrow/contract process and made the whole process a lot less stressful."

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