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The Middle Class Squeeze

t is true that the real estate market is challenging for almost everyone in the Bay Area. Rising costs for basic needs and incomes that can't keep up with it are putting the middle class under distress. What would be considered a wealthy person in most parts of the country, is barely able to afford a home here. But even the rest of America is experiencing the increasing divergence of high and low income households and the shrinking of a healthy and stable middle class. Owning a home has always been a tool for wealth creation. And even though prices are probably at a new peak right now, it's still a great time to buy because of historically low interest rates and no foreseeable end of the Bay Area's thriving progressive economy. If you're still hesitant, please give me a call - I'd be more than happy to meet with you and help you navigate through this challenging, yet exciting market. The right home is out there :-).

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