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MEET THE TEAM - Part 1: Staging

Real Estate is a team Effort.

There are so many facets to the sophisticated Bay Area real estate market. Buyers here expect homes to be presented in a certain way - in the end they'll be paying top dollar for it. So choosing the right team when you're ready to sell is essential. Your real estate agent is the key person - they will introduce you to a trusted circle of people like stagers, home and pest inspectors, contractors, mortgage brokers etc. Each person will work hard to help you get the highest possible return and make the transaction go as smoothly as possible. My job as a Realtor is to coordinate and manage the process, so everything gets done in a timely manner.

I am very proud to present my favourite team players!

SEED Interiors - Boutique Staging that inspires.

Mario C Guariso

Principal and creative mind of SEED Interiors has an artistic design forward approach to staging homes. His design work makes homes stand out from the crowd and his consultation has often been the key to overwhelming offers, even for homes that had previously proven difficult to sell. The quality materials and exquisite staging of SEED Interiors will make your home appear as if it were featured in the latest issue of Architectural Digest.

Mario, in your opinion, why does staging make such a difference in today's market?

If we ask ourselves: "how would I present myself if I’m online dating, getting ready for a first date, or better yet, preparing for my wedding night?” we would probably give thoughtful consideration to putting our best foot forward to maximize our sex appeal in each scenario. The same goes for our homes. Prospective buyers will fight over it if they fall in love with it. In fact, the most successful sellers are those who broaden their property’s appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. After all, basic economics apply to real estate: “if what you are selling is in high demand, you can sell for a higher return."

What is it that you do differently from most of your fellow stagers?

Our success is tied to our clients' success, so we choose our clients as much as they choose us. While volume may be more lucrative, we prefer to design each property thoughtfully and take on fewer projects so we can assist our clients in creating a high-end real estate experience for their potential buyers. In addition to installing our furnishings, we also consult on every aspect of preparing a property for the market (from small sensible modifications to full-on inside-out updates). My architectural and set design background, along with my love of current trends gives me an edge.

On average, how long does it take you to prepare a property for the market?

Just like my Italian craftsmen relatives, we take pride in each project and enjoy the process. While the installation of furnishings typically only takes 2 to 3 days; other property updates vary entirely on the scope of work. We do a considerable amount of work in advance of staging each property to source materials, prepare, plan and design the installation so that we can move in efficiently when it’s time to begin marketing a home.

For more information, please contact SEED Interiors (or Katrin :-) ):


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