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How Much Water does California Have Left?

It's a well known fact that we are experiencing a drought in California. But it doesn't really seem to bother most people. Now that the Governor has signed to have us all reduce water consumption by 25%, we'll HAVE to make changes to our lifestyle.

One thing I did this morning was buying this Faucet Aerator for all my sinks. $0.01/piece + Shipping. Too inexpensive to not do it. .


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Then I read this awesome article about our water consumption and how we can all help cut it down.

80% of all California water gets used for agriculture. Ok, we have to eat, I understand. BUT - we can choose to eat things that take less water to raise/grow. Quit eating red meat (not good for you anyway) and nuts.

I was so surprised when I saw the statistics. This read is worth the time:

Keep showering, California. Just lay off the burgers & nuts. How changing what we eat is key to managing California’s megadrought.

If we don't start saving, we might have to move somehwhere else very soon... (don't forget to list your home with me ;-) )

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